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Life Coaching

Life Coach
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Mindset is everything! Your mindset will determine your thoughts, feelings, how you show up in the world, and how your life unfolds.

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What is a Coach?


A coach is a trained and qualified professional, possessing the skills that assist and guide individuals in creating positive changes, seeing new possibilities, and realizing their unlimited potential.


A coach partners with you, helping you to identify the steps to be taken to accomplish both your short term and long term goals.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with a Coach?


Let’s face it: we have all felt “stuck” at some point in our lives. The ways in which we go about becoming “un-stuck” can vary, and they are always up to us. Partnering with a coach is an excellent way to be guided into tapping into your unlimited human potential and becoming in tune to the kind of person you want to be, and absolutely losing yourself in that feeling of empowerment!


Whatever the goal, your magic lives in your intention; the openness and willingness to grow and change in positive ways. A coach can assist in developing your intention and ability to be in control from an internal perspective.

Every second we have hundreds of possibilities. When we choose one, all others collapse. When we choose one that is aligned with our intention, we create, we come to life, we live with passion!


It’s not always easy to get “un-stuck”, get out of our own way and allow our authentic self to shine. A coach will guide you, motivate you and support you on your journey to becoming your authentic self, realizing your goals and living in a state of intention. A coach will help you to approach life with passion and realize the ever expanding possibilities that are within your reach.


What is the Coaching Process About?


Coaching is an approach based on accountability, which is the foundation for successful results. The process itself entails developing an action plan and observing the results. It aids in getting the right start, setting goals, strategizing, growing, and changing in positive ways.


The coaching process allows you to recognize belief systems and limiting decisions that are holding you back and slowing your ability to develop momentum.


Coaching is about reclaiming your sense of wonder and getting out of your own way so that you can become successful and joyful as a human being. It’s about being passionate and succeeding, using imagination to spite adversity, living with intention. When you live in a state of intention – you are limitless!

What Can You Expect from a Coaching Session with

Anne Marie?


I am with you on your entire journey, as often times it takes more than a single one hour meeting to reach your goals. Whether you are seeking assistance and guidance for a specific goal, whether you are struggling with something emotional, spiritual - or anything in between - if you are willing to take responsibility and action, we can work well together!  


Here’s an example of what you can expect in the first three meetings:


First Meeting

Your introduction to working with me. We'll figure out where you want to go, what you might need to release, what is binding you. Then together, we will discover what has prevented you from getting there, or from being who you want to be, and you'll begin to take some steps to figure out how to create a new reality for yourself. After this meeting, I will prepare some material for you, which will be presented at our second meeting.


Second Meeting

We'll pick up where we left off and engage in a more comprehensive and detailed session. The material that will have been prepared for you based on your first meeting will be reviewed and explained. We will also discuss and recognize any potential resistance, habits, and/or limiting beliefs that might have come in to play since the last meeting. Together, we will discuss additional actions that can be taken to help you move into your new way of living and to assist you in being successful with what you've set out to accomplish.


Third Meeting

We will begin to maintain the process of working towards your goal, of being the person you want to be, of releasing the old and embracing the new. This third meeting creates another layer of support to keep you motivated and moving with intention. After this meeting it's all about working towards your goal. We'll work through things as they come up, we'll keep moving forward, and you'll keep getting closer to your results!

* Coaching is also available over the phone for those that are outside of the general area.*

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