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What Exactly is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal life-force energy. It is used to treat all levels of the person – body, mind, emotions, spirit, nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems, as well as all major organs and energy centres of the body.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a technique that aids in the reduction of stress and promotes relaxation and healing in a natural way, resulting in improved overall quality of life. It is a flow of high frequency energy into and through a practitioner, out their hands and into another person.

Quantum physicists are now authenticating the knowledge that energy, which isn’t necessarily seen by the naked eye, flows through all living things, directly relating to one’s quality of life. Many cultures have possessed this wisdom for hundreds of years. Following the acceptance and use of practices such as acupuncture and alternative medicine for example, other cultures have now begun to recognize this energy and utilize it in order to benefit their lives as a whole, on every level.  

Energy: It’s Everything

The entire universe is composed entirely of energy. Albert Einstein articulated this knowledge in his famous equation E=MC2 (Energy = mass x speed of light squared). Light is energy, our thoughts and emotions are energy – the entire physical world around us is all energy.

When it comes to the physical body – of course the body is made up of energy, however the only energy which is visible to us is the actual physical body, the part we can see. Nevertheless, each of us also have a field of energy around and inside our physical bodies – we are fundamentally energy beings.

There are many ways in which we provide our body with energy. Breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking, exercising. In addition, we acquire energy through our fields of energy. Our physical body wouldn’t be able to endure without this energy.

There are a number of factors that contribute to imbalances within the body. Mental and emotional factors, physical dis-ease, even our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts create all of our feelings. The body can not make up – it can only experience; it needs something to go on. That’s where our thoughts come in. Positive thoughts create positive feelings in the body. Negative thoughts create negative feelings in the body, which lead to imbalances.


You can appreciate how complex the human body truly is. If we look back over history, most methods of healing have been centered around healing on the physical level. Of course on this level there will be partial healing taking place, and these results will be temporary because the underlying cause is probably not being treated. Reiki works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Reiki works to balance the body on all levels where there is an energy blockage. When this happens, the mind and body release underlying thoughts and emotions that cause dis-ease within the physical body. It then works to heal the mind, body and spirit from this dis-ease.

This beautiful and remarkable energy comes from the most divine source and possesses its own wisdom. It knows precisely what needs to be done and where it needs to go. Reiki can be used to aid in the treatment of almost any emotional or physical ailment, and especially for creating a sense of calm, peace and overall well being in the mind, body and spirit. 

How Does Reiki Actually Work?

Reiki Practitioners complete various levels of training and receive “attunements” from a Reiki Master, which enable them to access Reiki energy and conduct this amazing healing energy through them to you, attending to the energy blockages that might be present in your body.

The Reiki energy that flows through the practitioner is not their energy. It is the Universal Life Force Energy. Because this healing is channelled through the practitioner, their energies will never run out.

Let it Flow

Reiki may not be the easiest thing to understand. Perhaps this analogy will help: Imagine it’s a warm summer day and you’ve stepped outside to water your garden. You walk over to the tap, turn it on, pick up your hose, and point the nozzle of the hose towards the garden. You aren’t standing there concerning yourself with the thought of the water running out, or of something unfamiliar coming in through the sides of the hose. You aren’t concerned about anything coming up through the hose and back at you.

Of course you want to ensure that the entire garden is watered, and there are some parts that require more water than others, such as areas of dry soil or drooping flowers, so you water those areas a little more.

The water emerging from the hose can be depicted as the Reiki energy. It is coming from a source that is outside of your body and it appears endless. The person it comes through is the Reiki Practitioner. The hose is akin to the purified channel that the Reiki practitioner opens for the energy to pass through. It is vivid and powerful and nothing can diffuse it.

Just like the water flows through the nozzle of the hose, Reiki energy flows out the palms of the practitioner’s hands. The recipient’s energy does not flow back to the practitioner.

The Reiki Practitioner typically moves around the body starting at the recipient’s head. Some areas of the body may be attended to for a greater amount of time (just like watering areas with dry soil or drooping flowers). As stated earlier, the Reiki energy knows where to go.

Mystifying – and it Works

Reiki energy encompasses your body with its quiet vibrations. If there are areas that contain energy blocks or imbalances, the Reiki energy will concentrate more on those areas. The potential result to this treatment is a harmonizing of every ounce of energy in your body. By this means, Reiki spreads into mental, emotional and spiritual areas as well.

How it truly works may be mysterious! However, after just one session, you’ll know that the experience is both relaxing and wonderful, and one that you will truly benefit from.


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Let it Flow
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