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Kind Words


"I witness a more profound understanding of what life's supposed to be and received a practical approach to feeding my soul. I wasn't lost, I have been full of confidence for a while now, and I was satisfied with my mental and physical advancement /maturity. My most significant gap was my spiritual (not religious) focus and advancement. The standstill made me so unhappy with my life. Something was missing, and I didn't know how to touch it or fix it.


I have spoken to many spiritual guides and advisors, and they have left me with more questions. I grew tired of the "you have to look within

yourself " answers. And then I met Anne Marie. She connected to my soul, my pain and my goals, and provided me with a spiritual and professional approach to solving my problems.  I had never been part of such a process before. The only discussion was how I believed in angels and how there were things that I could not explain. She told me the rest. The implementation of her professional advice improved my life instantly, and the positive results were immediate. I learned how to deal and resolve emotional issues without the dependencies of outside parties. I learned how to embrace my spirituality and affect people from within without seeking approval, how to meditate for wellness, and best of all I learned how to accomplish all of my goals WITHOUT STRESS, AND RESTRICTIONS.

Her advice on maintaining my spirituality was structured, logical and without mystery. Everything we discussed was tailored to me alone and never general. Thank you so much Anne Marie for this gift! I don't know how I will ever repay what you have done for me!" ~ M.A.R. Toronto, ON.

"Even though it has only been 2 days since our session, I think it's safe to say that it was one of the if not the best hypnosis session I have had yet.
I felt so great afterward and felt a serious kick of energy that I haven't felt in a while - physically and emotionally.
Also, I have started to plant myself as more of an observer now when I face a negative energy situation!" ~ K.A. Brampton, ON.

"I came to Anne Marie for help with a personal issue. She asked me a series of questions - which were unexpectedly...incredibly helpful! I hadn't thought about my situation in that context before, nor had I realized I felt a certain way about it or myself, either. After our conversation, Anne Marie decided that Hypnotherapy would be helpful. We went right into the session and it was incredible! I completely trusted Anne Marie and wanted to be helped... and was therefore very open to hypnosis (unlike previous tries before, with others).  The session was approx 45 minutes long, which felt like 15. It was healing. It was incredibly helpful. It ended with tears of release - which I needed. It was...amazing! I do and will continue to recommend Anne Marie to others for all Alternative Healing practices." ~ A.M., Vancouver, BC

"I am a mother, wife and business woman. I’ve been happily married for almost 40 years, have raised two incredible, amazing and successful children, am blessed with grandchildren and for the greater part of my life I have had the good fortune to live a wonderful life thanks to these blessings. Everyone has struggles in their lives and what is tough for some, may not be for others, and I endured my fair share of those struggles and over the years they took their toll. To sum it all up, eventually I felt that something was missing in my life but I had no idea what it was.

Why did I suffer through bouts of depression and anxiety? So much so it caused physical illness, was affecting my happiness, my job. I have the perfect family, so much love, but something was off. I seeked out professional help from a psychologist who determined some issues stemmed from my job, but I still didn’t feel right. I didn’t actually get any advice that I could live day to day. It didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t know what to do or try next, until Anne Marie and alternative therapy was introduced to me.

Reiki was completely new to me. I was a skeptic, didn’t understand it, but Anne Marie took the time to explain it. Even then I wasn’t sure, but I wanted to feel better so I was open to it. The experience was unbelievable. After the first session I felt a calm I’d not felt for a long time. It’s hard to explain but I felt good! After a number of sessions, even the chronic back issues I’d been suffering for years healed.

Anne Marie also helped me through hypnotherapy and the power of watching my thoughts, because they create my feelings and shape my world. Through these therapies I was able to take control of my poor eating habits which also played a part in not being well overall. I’ve carried those with me ever since and no longer have such a struggle eating healthy and not living in a constant state of guilt put upon me by others which I did not deserve. I learned that I am a good person. I knew I was, but believing it is not that easy sometimes.

Anne Marie also taught me about spirituality and I have a new, enlightened perspective on it. I have an awareness now of the universe, what it is, what it can mean to me. For me, that something was brought to mind through Anne Marie’s therapy.

I am healthy now, in mind and body and spirit. I received clarity in what I needed to do myself, with her guidance on how to feel good about who I am. I learned how to let go of the things that were causing me anxiety and grief. I will always carry what I learned with me, somehow, I just know when to draw on the knowledge I’ve gained and it gets me through. I am truly happy and at peace and life is amazing!

Thank you Anne Marie!" ~ D.B., Toronto, ON.



"Anne Marie's hypnotherapy is just one therapy that she uses to guide her clients into realizing and overcoming whatever is keeping them from living life the way they want. I went to her to relieve myself from a feeling of heavy emotional weight. In just a few sessions, Anne Marie changed my life, helping me to heal at the deepest levels of my consciousness. The emotional weight that held me back is gone.  I will continue to go to Anne Marie because she is a true healer and I know she will continue to lead me down a path of positivity." ~ E.N., Toronto, ON.

"I’ve had the honour of working with Anne Marie for 9 years now.  She has had a profound impact on my life and played a vital role in my personal, spiritual, and professional growth.  I’ve always marvelled at her wisdom, sophistication, and intelligence, but there is another magical element to her that cannot go unmentioned.  Her ability to relate and explain things in the manner that she does; with not only great compassion, but with wit, extreme accuracy, and bluntness when appropriate.  She added humour and light to my healing journey, and along with her infinite toolkit of modalities, she is like no other practitioner/healer I’ve ever met.  I whole-heartedly recommend Anne Marie if you are looking for guidance in pretty much any aspect of your life.  She is a very rare find.” ~ A.G., Toronto, ON.

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