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What is an iTOVi Health Scan?


The iTOVi scanner gages small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin using a combination of galvanic skin response (GSR), tension sensor, and Bluetooth technologies. Galvanic skin response stems from the activation of sweat glands in the skin and is essentially a change in the electrical resistance of the skin caused by positive or negative emotional stimulation.

How Does the iTOVi Health Scan Work?

The human body is made up of extensive components and has many ways of making known what is going on internally. Situations taking place both inside our bodies and in the world around us can be positive or negative, and these situations can bring about changes and responses within our bodies. iTOVi tracks these responses in the body by directing stimuli to produce a response.


We know that for hundreds of years, reactions inside and outside the body have been observed and documented using various approaches (ie: some fitness trackers, pulse/hearbeat, pupil dilation, patterns of breath, etc). iTOVi uses galvanic skin response, as described above, to identify changes.

Galvanic skin response has been around for quite some time and iTOVi is progressing in measuring the information that GSR provides. Once an iTOVi scan is complete, the information is processed through a complex exclusive algorithm, producing a greater look at the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. A report is then produced that will detail the results of the scan using an app.

The areas of the human body that compile the report are known as a Health Triad, which communicates balance and deals with three imperative aspects of a person’s general health and well being: Emotional, Environmental, and Physical. Once the report is complete, recommendations pertaining to possible natural solutions are laid out.


How Does iTOVi Health Scanning Compliment Existing Alternative Therapies?

Because the results of the iTOVi scan allow us to see what is happening inside the body as a result of emotions, we are able to determine deeper and further means of treatment when it comes to healing within the mind and body. Sometimes we are unaware of why we feel a certain way, or why certain things are happening to us, mentally, emotionally and physically. This helps to take the guesswork away and clears a wider path for healing and attaining clarity to work towards our goals.

Essentials Oils as a Natural Solution

In addition to her offered services, Anne Marie uses Young Living Essential Oils as her choice of recommended natural solutions based on the outcome of the iTOVi scan.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. They have improved and enriched lives on many different levels from dietary purposes to emotional healing and even spiritual use. Young Living produces only the purest form of essential oils and has been on the foreground of bringing these ancient traditions to the modern world, connecting countless people to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness that can be absolutely life-altering.

Extracted by means of meticulous steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the most pure essential oils are significantly more powerful and effective than the botanicals which they are derived from. They are in a sense, the pure essence of nature from across the globe.

The wonderful effects of essential oils have been used to elevate the mind and unblock emotions. Certain oils can enhance spiritual practice and meditation when diffused or inhaled directly. Other oils can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health and assist in developing potential and creating a healthy mental energy.

Essential oils can directly affect the brain’s limbic region, where our emotion and memory is centered. Various oils can be utilized to establish a healthy emotional state, help ease grief, promote relaxation, help relieve stress, aid in sleep, and so much more.

Young Living Essential Oils
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