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Soul Connections: The Pivotal Facilitator

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Have you ever come into contact with someone that just knocks you off course, almost like being hit by a bumper car? Have you ever felt such a soul connection with someone that things drastically change? Things you before, could only imagine would change? Like perhaps old feelings that have stuck and clung to your mind, body and soul suddenly dissipate and you have no idea why? Feelings and emotions you’ve tried for years to overcome and release – suddenly gone? Simply by experiencing a soul connection with someone?

What if that connection is brief, so brief in fact that you aren’t even aware of the changes that have taken place until the person isn’t in your life anymore. It could be hours, a day, a few days……

I can't begin to tell you how many people I meet that are struggling with relationships. And if that isn't common enough, it's even more surprising how many people I've met that have had extremely intimate and deep connections with people, only to have those people remove themselves from their life after what appears to be such a short time.

I remember meeting someone once who told me about a woman he had met earlier that year who had completely cut him out of her life - after only two days. This man had been in a long term relationship with someone and said that he was "scarred" by the breakup and had never really moved on, never really thought he'd find love again. One night he went to a restaurant after work and ended up meeting a beautiful, interesting, compelling woman. He spent the entire evening with her and ended up spending two days after that with her, which he said were the best of his life. They were inseparable for those two days. He said she was the "one". He said on the third day he called her, left a message, and never heard back. And months later, when he came to me - he still hadn't heard back, even after multiple attempts of contacting her. He was crushed. He just kept saying "I don't get it. How could this happen? We really had something, I know it!" He looked her up on facebook and found she was living it up, travelling through California on a trip with her sister, having a ball, and never reaching out to him.

It makes me think about the importance of each person that comes into our life. Sort of like that "Reason, Season, or Lifetime" poem. But why does this happen? How is it that we can develop such a deep connection with someone, and then it's just gone? And why does it cut so deep and hurt so much when it happens? What was the reason this person even came into our life? This was the discussion I had with the gentleman that was dealing with this woman disappearing from his life. There are a group of teachings that impart what is called a Pivotal Facilitator – a person that enters one’s life to push them off course, into another direction…’s said that sometimes the connection between the Pivotal Facilitator and the other person is confused with sexual chemistry, when in fact, the connection is much deeper. So deep, it changes parts of one’s life, in ways one hadn’t dreamed possible. This could even occur between friends that are completely attached - until one day they're not.

If you have been lucky enough to come across a Pivotal Facilitator in your life, for however long this connection or relationship lasts – let it go when the person leaves your life. There is a method to it. Once the purpose of the connection has been fulfilled, the relationship has served its purpose, much like other relationships in our lives. Some serve a purpose for a reason, a certain length of time, or for our entire lifetime. The Pivotal Facilitator comes in with a very special divine duty, not even knowing they have it! And once the duty has been fulfilled, you’ll find they just fade away…….forgive and let them go. Be grateful for the gift they have brought to you, for the ability to be able to release old, pent up emotions, and to move forward, with strength, towards the love and life that awaits you. Express gratitude to this person, for chances are he or she doesn’t even know what they have brought to your life – what they have done for you.

Be grateful to have experienced that connection. The connection that transcends space and time, that goes well beyond the physical………right down deep into the soul. The Essence. That connection is held between the essence of the two souls, way beyond the physical body.

Some people probably have these experiences and they simply go un-noticed, or people get upset when the pivotal facilitator leaves their life – totally unaware of what they were, what the purpose of that connection was. To be aware, to be grounded, to be spiritually present – that is how we have the ability to be present and grateful for these essence connections…..most people probably just let them go by, never realizing their magnitude, the profound effect they can have on life, emotional hardships, and our ability to let go. Our ability to realize when something like this has happened is something to be grateful for alone. Now you might read this and think I'm full of fluff - and that's ok! But - if you've ever experienced what I'm writing about, I'm hoping this resonates with you. And if you're struggling with this type of experience as you're reading this - I hope that you can find solace in these words.

Essence and soul connections are not easily realized or given the gratitude and meaning they deserve. Be present, be aware, be spiritually grounded and connected… attention with your soul. Send light and love to your Pivotal Facilitator – to your essence and soul connection…….thank them, be grateful for them and the gifts they’ve brought………and let them go.

Light and Love to all,


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