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Start Each Day as if it Were on Purpose

Each day, do one at least one thing that moves you closer to your goal. Just ONE THING.

This is something I tell literally all of my clients, all of the time. Do you know how many of them actually do it and continue to do it even if they hit a bump? Definitely not all of them. Only the ones that are truly committed to making positive changes in their lives, only the ones whose intent is strong, the ones who are propelled forward by a fire that’s been lit somewhere inside.

Whether your goal is something simple like being a happier and more positive person, something material (ie: a new job, new home, etc.) something emotional (ie: building self confidence, dealing with an emotional issue), or anything in between – the key is INTENT; and how strong that intent is. How much do you want this? Why do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it?

Most times we have work to do in order to free ourselves what is blocking us from moving forward, so that we can clear a path to move towards our goals. This in itself is a goal as well. This is the first step towards positive growth, change, and accomplishment.

So…..why don’t we just DO it? Why do we allow ourselves to be held back by situations, emotions, other people, etc.? Because most of the time, it just feels easier to give up in a sense. Because the work you have to put in to get where you want to be isn’t always going to be easy. That’s why so many people just don’t move, don’t put in the work, don’t feel the fire, and just stay nice and warm in the bubble of their comfort zone. However, if life contained no challenges, no tests of strength, no trials of the soul, no self-examination, it would be a smooth and uninterrupted path – to the exact same place as which so many of us sit right now.

Attaining goals, becoming absolutely everything that we have the potential to be, takes work. It takes courage. It takes an ever expanding, all encompassing drive to move yourself forward, with strength, to literally smash doubt, fear, the limiting perceptions of others, and our own limiting beliefs, until all we have left is clear intention. This doesn’t mean we might not stumble or break a little bit along the way. It does however, mean that the way in which we move through the challenges changes. Because we’ve changed. The bumps become smaller, the problems become projects, the intention remains clear.

So why then is it so not easy sometimes to just complete one task per day that brings us closer to our goal? Because we get in our own way. That’s the reason. Mystery solved. The only reason we can’t have all the things we want in life, is the one we give ourselves.

If you take just one thing away from this collection of words I’m sharing today, let it be this: Get up and live your day as if it was completely on purpose. Each day, do at least one thing that brings you closer to your goal. Even if your task is to make the bed or clean up the kitchen – do it. Start each day with a task completed. If you want your life to change, you have to get out of your own way and start to move towards your goals. If you do, I promise you it will be worth it!

Light and Love to all,


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