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The Heart; When it's Blocked

There is a centre in the body where we feel: Happiness, sadness, love, joy, anger, fear, excitement, and everything in between. Emotions are not actually, truly felt anywhere else. I mean, you don’t see a friend talk about the new love in their life and hold onto their ears or feet the whole time they’re talking….they talk about this new person and how in love they are, and their hands go up to their heart. It’s natural! However, it’s not actually our heart – the actual organ itself – where we feel emotions; it’s the heart centre. The energy point in the body where feelings and emotions make themselves known.

Did you know that our hearts can open and close? You can feel when this happens. An open heart feels beautiful, light, airy, free! A closed heart feels uncomfortable, sad, stuck, blocked. Why does this happen?? We all have blockages in our energy centres throughout our bodies. Why? Because of our STUFF. Our past, our limiting beliefs and decisions, our perceptions, the outside world and how it comes in. These things leave impressions inside us and they block our flow of energy.

The heart is not like the mind. The mind talks to us…in fact, it never stops talking. You know that voice that’s in there? You know just what I mean! It Never. Shuts. Up. You can quiet it down – and that’s a topic for a later discussion J But the heart….it doesn’t talk to us with words; it produces feelings, sensations, emotions. Emotions are like the wind….the good ones feel like a beautiful, soft breeze…..but the not so good ones feel like a strong and scary wind that we almost can’t control. The heart is not as formed as the mind…it’s etheric and fluid.

So why am I talking about this today? I could write pages upon pages about the heart and how it compares and is so different from the mind… and I just may! However today, I’m writing to discuss the importance of tuning into your heart; listening to it, feeling what it’s trying to tell you.

This morning I woke up and felt some tightness in and around my heart centre. Something was definitely going on. So instead of just thinking about something great and hoping it would go away, I wanted to figure out where this was coming from – and release it from my body. I turned to meditation; I focused on my heart, I allowed it to speak…and it did. The heart will ALWAYS speak; you just have to listen. Something came up for me that I hadn’t thought about in a very long time, something I thought I had finished dealing with…obviously I hadn’t. I had a huge release of emotion and energy and it was absolute perfection! The feeling you get after something like that….it’s inexplicable. You have to feel it to understand it.

We ALL have these blockages; and we ALL have the power and ability to clear them up. Whether you do this with meditation, Reiki, other energy work, or just mental focus and willingness – anyone and everyone can do it. Instead of avoiding what’s going on and pushing it away, welcome the feeling - the uncomfortableness, the fear, the pain – and let it release! The stuff you shoved out of your mind went somewhere; It’s in your body. Let it out! It doesn’t matter how. Better out than in.

Light and Love to all,


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